Skin Care Tips.


Skin Care Tips

It is very common to make mistakes when applying beauty products, since they fill us with different information all over and we think it is not so relevant but, it is and you must correct it!

Your skin is treated more than you can imagine and your beauty routine will never work (even when it is the most expensive) if you don’t act and apply each product correctly. How can you solve this?

Avoid the mistakes shown below and follow our skincare tips to the letter.

The way you apply your creams


The way you apply the products DOES influence the effects it will have on your skin. The right thing to do is to distribute your skincare treatments with upward movements to avoid sagging and keep your face toned.

In the case of the serums and moisturizers, you should apply them with a light touch with the palms of your hands, so that their properties are better absorbed.

Apply the cleanser directly


This is a very common mistake: we usually remove the make-up and then put the cleanser on the face directly, but it should not be done that way!

First, wet your face with a little water and then apply the cleanser with a circular massage to activate its formula. The resulting lather will remove any traces of dirt.

The skin care you should follow according to your age

Not knowing the ideal order of application


We’ve been confused about what comes first and what comes after. A simple guide that we suggest is: Remove makeup, cleanse, tone and apply first, the most liquid formulas and finish with the densest of your creams, lotions or serums.

Don’t forget to finish with a photoprotector!


1. If you wake up with a dry face you should change your routine at night and not in the morning. It is easier to treat dryness with a heavy formula while you sleep than to reverse the damage the next day.

2. We all suffer from periods of time when nothing works for us. But masks can balance the pH of the skin immediately. Mud masks reduce oil and gel masks soothe irritation.

3. If your beauty routine consists of many steps, it is necessary to allow 3 to 4 minutes between the application of one product and another so that none is diluted by the next one you apply.

4. Chemical peels help remove the last layer of the dermis and any bacteria that may form. This will ensure that the products you are applying are absorbed to the maximum extent.

5. If you live in a city where there is a lot of pollution, cleaning your face at the end of the day with wipes will not be enough to get rid of the waste generated by environmental aggressors.

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