Fabulous Summer Makeup Tips


Summers have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is the time when your skin can suddenly become extremely dry or break out. All you need is proper hydration, good skin care, and some great makeup tips to look flawless this season. You can also use the services of the salon at the door and request the exact look you want to show. The following four tips are summer makeup tips that will help you regain that confidence and look naturally radiant all summer long.

Smudged Smokey Eyes


Sweaty summers tend to smear makeup more often. This is why the smoky smokey eye look is perfect for looking great in the hot season. You can try applying some glitter eyeshadow along the upper and lower crease of the eye. Mix it with kohl or brown eyeliner and finish the look with a dash of mascara on your lashes. This look will last all day without making you look terrible.

Bronzer Charm


The way you apply bronzer can change the whole makeup game. The general technique of applying bronzer is to create a duck face while sliding the brush across the gap to achieve this contouring effect. However, another technique is to apply a bronzer under the cheekbones for a childish charm. This is one of the easiest summer makeup tips that will make your makeup look natural.

Natural Lip Stain


This is another makeup tip that will help you create a radiant and charming look for the summers. You can use your finger and add a spot in the center of your lips with a lipstick stain. A long-lasting liquid lip shade is perfect for this. This will keep your lips a cherry red and naturally rosy all day long.

Diminishing Liner



Try this simple yet effective look for the summers. This is the look inspired by the hangover look. You need to know what last night’s eyeliner looked like the day after the party. This look showcases subtle smoky eyes which can be created by blending black and silver eye shadow and gently sliding the brush along the upper and lower water lines of the eye. This is one of the best summer makeup tips for someone who doesn’t have the patience for elaborate makeup.

Permanent makeup


Permanent makeup is actually a kind of cosmetic tattoo where super fine needles are used to make fine lines on the skin. The needles implant colored pigments into the top layer of the skin creating the desired effect of eyebrows, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. The effect looks cosmetic, but there is no fear that it will stain or smudge.

There are many misconceptions about permanent makeup, but the reality is:

There will be no pain – The makeup artist will apply numbing cream that numbs the area and all you feel are little pinpricks in the skin. Think of permanent makeup as the stripes you experience when you get a regular tattoo. Adverse effects of pigments are very rare.

No downtime – no need to leave work after treatment. The skin will feel sore and itchy for a few days. Scabs and scabs will gradually form with scales like normal tattoos. Simple aftercare instructions should be followed religiously as the skin peels and heals quite quickly.

There is a slight follow-up – once the skin is well healed, a touch-up appointment is required. The artist will examine the permanent makeup and fill in any gaps or irregularities if necessary. In fact, you can take the opportunity to request minor changes to the shape of the eyeliner or eyebrows.

There will be slight discoloration – makeup is considered semi-permanent and the delicate pigments slowly fade and fade over time. There is no need to worry as the discoloration will be gradual and will not become apparent suddenly. You can easily expect your eyebrows or eyeliner to last around 3 years.

Try these simple yet super effective summer makeup tips to look and feel great on those hot, sweaty days. You can strut the streets with confidence when you have these tips and tricks handy.

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