Top Five Makeup Trends of 2020


In terms of beauty, 2019 was a landmark. 2020, however, hit hard outdoing its predecessor year. The year has brought along spectacular makeup trends that everyone is excited about. If you haven’t tried these trends out, you are missing out on so much. Here are the top five make up beauty trends of 2020.

Glass Skin


A glowing, glass skin has and always will be admirable. To achieve this, you need to slather a mixture of moisturizers, cream oils, and highlighters to beam up the face. The beauty trend by Moore has everyone talking. Moore suggests that you use strobe cream after the moisturizing process. Afterward, you can apply foundation for a glow-in-the-light skin.

Feathered, Fluffy Brows


We are past the age of drawing over eyebrows. The newest trend in town is incorporating feathered, fluffy brows. Beautician confirms that the brows will make you look less like a cartoon and more human. The brows are made using soap (an old Hollywood trick) and angled brushes for a more precise and fuller look. You then rub the brows with a mascara wand for a more polished effect.

Floating Eyeliner


If you’re used to the traditional black eyeliners, 2020 is a year of change. There is a new trend of floating eyeliner coming in bright colors. The process is a simple and quick one. Moreover, you only require a sharp-angled brush and an eyeliner pencil.

Watercolor Eyes


For this makeup, you will require a soft blending brush and an eyeshadow or pastel pink blush. Pop the eyeshadow into your eyelid. Then using the blending brush, create a soft color hue to wrap around your eyes. The type of eyeshadow to use depends on your taste- either lavender or lilacs.

Fresh skin



This type of makeup is all about keeping your make up fresh. It focuses on a neutral eye and clean skin. To pull out the look, you will need FX Brightening Booster Drops, FX Power Play Concealer, and finally foundation. They might be a little bit expensive, but very worthy for a flawless finish.

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