Skincare routine


As soon as we hit 25, both men and woman start panicking about their beauty routine. 25 is the dreaded age here collagen production drops dramatically and it is the age that marks the start of our skin getting thinner, less supple and more wrinkly.

However, there is no need to panic. No need to turn your night time routine upside down either, and break the bank buying the most expensive products you can find on Amazon: a little goes a long way and simple steps can help keep your skin pretty and nice without adding 25 steps to your skincare routine:

First and most important stap: USE SUNSCREEN


Recent studies have proven the Sun UV rays account for 80% of your skin damage ! Be smart, a dime of prevention is worth a pound of medicine even when it comes to beauty: stay out of the Sun and apply sunscreen every time you go out, even in the winter, even if it rains, no matter your skin colour !

Clean your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser


If you don’t use makeup, a simple hypoallergenic cleanser will do. If you do use makeup, you might want to use micellar water or a two step cleansing method: oil based first, water based second to ensure no speck of dirt remains in your pores.



It will help you get rid of residual dirt on your face, it will close your pores and tighten your skin !



During this step you will do something to protect your skin, usually a moisturizing cream with ingredients that fight any skin issues you might have (acné, wrinkles, dull tone…)

Eye cream


The skin of your eye area is particularly delicate. Never use a treatment designed for your face on your eye area or you risk doing more harm than good !

That’s it: nothing else needed if you want to keep your skin healthy, youthful and happy !

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