Top 10 Recommended Beauty Clinics in Jakarta

Beauty Clinics

Beauty clinics tend to be the best in keeping the skin healthy with extra care given from beauticians and dermatologists. Many clinics of beauty in Jakarta provide treatments and consultations on body and beauty treatment. Here is a list of ten best-recommended clinics in Jakarta that you may preferably visit.


Beauty Clinics

Miracle has been offering its services since 1986 when it was established. Here, you will get various skin treatments for pigmentation, acne, rejuvenating and tightening of the skin. They offer cream rotations, aesthetic surgery from beauty therapist with advanced technology.

Website www.miracle-clinic.com

Natasha Skin Care Center

Beauty Clinics

The beauty clinic is one of the most favorites among Indonesians. The Skin Care Center combines its professional staff with the most advanced technologies that help you get the desired skin. Natasha offers many treatments such as removing birthmarks and moles, skin tag removal, pore tightening and acne bacterial removal.

Website http://www.natasha-skin.com/

Emily Beauty Center

Beauty Clinics


The founder of Emily Beauty Center, Dr Emilia Kasutri, offers facial skin treatment using laser beams that permeate deeper into your skin is one of the recommended treatments you can get from this clinic as well as skin treatment problems.

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/pg/klinikantiagingjakarta/about/

Jakarta Aesthetic Center

Beauty Clinics

JAC, established by Dr Olivia Ong, has won many international awards hence making it the most prestigious skin clinic in Jakarta. They provide Ultherapy treatment which is a non-surgical procedure that uses Micro Focus Ultrasound wave as well as the filler and botox treatments. JAC is also famous for its services.

Website https/jakartaaestheticsclinic.co.id/

Rania Med and Spa

Beauty Clinics

Rania specializes in focusing on acne, They tend to look for the root of the problem then take action against it by adjusting the type of skin whether dry, oily or both and the pimples get inserted into a serum that serves to make them calm. Detox Facial is offered at this beauty clinic and other treatments as well.


Beauty Clinics

The clinic offers Botox without injections by using Intradermal Botox Facial therapy which involves us of high-quality serums and Botox. Derma Electronation machine puts a mixture of Botox and plasma into the skin six times at intervals of one week.

Website http://www.euroskinlab.com/

Skanda Asia

Beauty Clinics

The South Korean beauty clinic is based in Jakarta and offers services for smooth and healthy skin like Korean women. Patients can choose a variety of beauty treatments which target hyperpigmentation, scars and acne. Dr Lee, a specialized dermatologist, supervises the clinic to maintain quality care.

Website https://www.skinda-asia.com/contact-us

POLARIS Cryotherapy Center

Beauty Clinics

Cryotherapy involves the use of cold nitrogen gas below zero degrees of skin therapy within 3 minutes. When the skin freeze, it makes blood vessels becomes dilated hence more oxygen to the cells. It helps shed toxins, relieve pain, cell acceleration, lose weight and treat acne.

Website https://www.polaris.id/


 Beauty Clinics

Skinthestic offers Aqua Peel Treatment which involves the utilization of microdermabrasion used with aquades, an ampule that contains sterilized water, infused in the skin with equipment called aquaclean to rejuvenate the skin.


Beauty Clinics

Etvous provides overall health and beauty treatments. You can get comfortable, fast and safe beauty treatment using sophisticated equipment’s and methods. E-light System Technology helps solve beauty problems, including weight loss.

Website https://etvouseaesthetic.com/


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