5 Tips on Choosing A Wig for Comfort and Beauty


Whether you are experiencing hair loss or have a sensitive scalp, wearing a wig is beneficial to you. It protects your natural hair and gives it a break, making space for healthy regrowth. However, wearing a wig doesn’t look natural, right? Wrong! As long as you know how to choose a wig, you can be natural while being more beautiful than ever. To do that, here are some tips for you.

Know What It’s Made Of


There are two materials used to make different wigs: human hair and synthetic fiber. Each one has its own advantages. Human hair wigs feel more natural and can be styled or colored like your original hair. They can also last longer if handled with proper care. On the other hand, synthetic wigs cost less, have low maintenance, and are weather-proof. Aside from natural colors, modern synthetic wigs can be styled with abstract and wild shades.

Consider Your Daily Lifestyle


You can save money or have your wig for a longer period of time if you take your lifestyle into consideration when buying one. That’s because different wigs are made for different people. For example, if you have a job that’s physical, human hair wigs are your best bet as they are more durable. But if you work at home or in an office, cheaper heat-friendly synthetic wigs are ideal.

Choose a Style That Fits Your Face


An appealing look is composed of a hairstyle that compliments the facial shape. Nowadays, wigs are made to entirely fit with people’s facial features. If you think your previous hairstyle suits you well, you can always choose a wig that strongly resembles it. But if you want a new appearance, make sure to keep this tip in mind.

Look for Your Cap Size


If you don’t want your wig falling off your head, you should wear the right cap size for you. Choose from Child, Petite, Petite/Average, Average, Average/Large, and Large. But how do you know your cap size? Take a measuring tape and get the circumference of your head. Start from your front hairline and take the tape to your nape by going behind your ear. Then go behind the other ear to get back to the front hairline.

Pick the Right Cap Construction


After you pick your style and measure your cap size, choosing the cap construction for you will be easier. There are different cap features that come with different cap constructions. Pick the one that fits your situation or preference. Lace Front wigs are best for those that want the most natural looks. For complete comfort, you should buy 100% Hand-Tied wigs. Basic Cap wigs are cheaper, more durable, and gives more convenient air ventilation.


To feel comfort and beauty when wearing a wig, you need to choose the one that suits your appearance and daily life. Considering the tips mentioned above will surely help you get the best option there is. So, make it a checklist to guide you when shopping for wigs.


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