Beauty Treatment

Beauty Treatment

Do you feel a range of disappointed emotions when you look at yourself in the mirror and you realize that you look ten or more years older than your biological age?

Beauty Treatment

You feel angry when you look closely at your face and you see wrinkles on your cheeks and forehead, and also on the areas around your neck. You might also notice your prominent cheekbones are not so prominent anymore because they are sagging now.

This is further compounded and confirmed that you need to rejuvenate when your colleagues at work casually comment that you always look tired because the creases on your face seem to form in folding patterns that don’t straighten back out. The mirror and your officemates seem to both scream in unison: “You need skincare!” Do something about it!”

There is a solution!

Beauty Treatment

Introducing the minimally invasive skincare and antiaging solution called RF + Micro needling treatments!

Micro needling has been combined successfully with RF or radio frequency to effect satisfying results in skin tightening, treatment of stretch marks, scars, and just about any skin surface problems that make you look older than your biological age. RF has been used for years in aesthetic procedures to stimulate collagen regeneration and add volume to the skin.

A numbing cream is used on your face as your anesthesia so that it will be painless for you during the procedure. Micro needling uses small needles to prick the skin so you can generate new skin tissue and collagen for a firmer and more toned skin. As the needles go through your skin, short bursts of RF energy are discharged, causing a deep down thermal effect that stimulate collagen growth.

Your skin healing depends on your skin recovery properties. You may heal completely in 24 hours up to 3 days. To hasten skin healing, a vitamin c serum or hyaluronic acid may be applied after treatment.

You can see the inspiring results of RF + Micro needling immediately after the treatment wherein there will be improved visual results in your skin tightening and pore reduction. But your final healing results is expected to be viewed in its full glory four to six weeks after this antiaging treatment.

RF + Micro needling is minimally invasive and lets you avoid the prospect of going under the knife to look good and feel younger. Give this relatively safe and effective procedure a try so you won’t ever say that you never gave yourself a chance to look this good!

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