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There’s no better feeling than healthy, beautiful skin – BB’s Beauty Collection is all about giving skin the TLC that it needs to be bright, soft, and healthy. We believe that skincare is the ultimate form of self-care, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every customer gets the right product for them. Whether you have problem skin and cystic acne, you suffer from hyperpigmentation, or your skin is dry and sensitive we have an all-natural option for you!

Be Kind to Your Skin!


Every product in the BB’s Beauty Collection portfolio harnesses the power of nature, keeping chemical nasties, preservatives, and harsh cleansing or stripping agents to a minimum. We don’t believe in quick fixes but instead try to work with the skin to target the issues that are causing blemishes. Harsh exfoliation and chemical peels may brighten and clear your skin quickly, but they will quickly make its condition worse by stripping away essential oils and causing micro-tears!

Get That All-Natural Glow


Beauty products should enhance your natural beauty without breaking the bank, that’s why our range of natural skincare products, hair, and lashes are high-quality and provide value for money. This means that you can look good and feel good while keeping your skin (and bank balance) healthy!

About Us


BB’s Beauty Collection is a labor of love that was born of my personal desire to look and feel good without damaging my already sensitive skin. Like many people, I was plagued by acne, hyperpigmentation, and a bumpy skin texture. I spent thousands of dollars on expensive skincare products to no avail. Each ‘miracle’ serum, cleanser, toner, and cream would help for a little while before my skin suddenly deteriorated, becoming worse than it had been before. Eventually, at my wit’s end, I started to research and found out that most big brand products contain the same harsh, chemical ingredients.

These chemicals act quickly but will damage sensitive skin over time and lead to the condition of the skin becoming worse and worse. In fact, if you use very harsh exfoliators you could even cause microtears in your skin, leading to infection, acne, rashes, and scarring.

From this point on, I dedicated myself to finding kinder, more natural options for my skin. Through a process of trial and error. I began to find ingredients that nurtured and healed my skin. When these ingredients came together to make the first BB’s Beauty Collection products, I knew I had to share them with the world. Today, BB’s Beauty Collection is serving people across the USA with natural, skin-kind products which nourish and protect, and I couldn’t be happier.



BB’s Beauty Collection has a product for every skin type and budget. Whatever you need to look and feel your best, BB’s Beauty Collection is here to help. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us at emannashairdesign1@gmail.com – we will happily answer all questions and provide recommendations where desired.



BB’s skincare includes a range of body and facial scrubs, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers designed to target problem areas and support healthy skin. From gentle exfoliation to deep moisturization, our products use only the best ingredients and are produced in an ethical, sustainable manner to ensure that they put out goodness at every stage.



Formulated with care, our cosmetics range sticks to the same policy of gentle, natural, and ethical, skin-friendly care which gives high-quality results without causing damage. Of course, these cosmetics are still long-lasting, easy to apply, and vibrant. These are cosmetics that will not undo all of the good work that your skincare routine puts into healing and strengthening your skin.

Lashes and Hair


Our range of hair and lash products, too, adhere to BB’s standard of being natural, high-quality, and cost-effective. Our mink lashes, in particular, are highly regarded for their durability, softness, and beautiful look. If you are unsure about the best products for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we are always on hand to help our customers make a choice that suits their needs and budget.


If you have any questions about an outstanding order, or you want to make enquiries about our restock times, please contact us via email or by telephone at (561) 305-3457.

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