Are curly eyelashes the new beauty

Curly eyelashes are one of the latest lash fashion trends of Sofie Petersen. Some love it and others hate it because for them, curly eyelashes are simply bizarre makeup.

1.What Does It Look Like?

 curly eyelashes

If you’ve already seen what curly eyelashes look like, they must be stuck in your mind forever. However, some people went as far as comparing them to pubic hair.

While pushing the limits of eye fashion is always welcomed, the curly eyelashes take it a little too far. No one can blame makeup artists for doing that, but still, some things are better to keep out from the internet. Thanks to this trend’s bizarreness, it went viral. However, it never became a part of a trendy makeup fashion.

2.Curly eyelashes: Is It Trendy Or Viral?

curly eyelashes

Do you know the difference between a trendy and viral?

When something very wild happens or extraordinary ideas come to your mind and you start posting them on the internet, chances are very high that they will go viral.

For example, these curly eyelashes became viral after Peterson had posted it, labelling them as “puberty isn’t over.” Many people left witty comments, but others had nothing but dismayed remarks for it.

3.Why Didn’t They Become Trendy?

 curly eyelashes

People usually hate going outside of their comfort zone. And the same goes for some fashion trends. The beauty of eyelashes comes from their natural look, as well as the style and length which complement eyes shape. Which means that wearing curly eyelashes does not make any sense for most people. It’s like putting some random eyelash extensions while never bothering to even check if it looks right or not.

In other words, bizarre fashion trends usually go viral but not trendy.

4.Choices For Your Lashes?

curly eyelashes

In case you want something trendy, try checking other eyelashes makeup as there are many sets of eyelashes makeup which suit every eye shape.

5.Comfortable Makeup

curly eyelashes

Try ditching out the bizarre eyelashes as well as other makeup fashion and Instead, go for natural look eyelashes extensions.

6.Eyelash Extensions

 curly eyelashes

Eyelash extensions often come in many shapes, sizes and length. Wearing Them follows the same procedure. For example, if you wish to have permanent eyelash extension, you’ll need the help of professionals. But if you decide to wear eyelash extensions for a day, you can try wearing fake eyelashes and put them on by yourself. But keep in mind that they may fall anytime.

curly eyelashes

Building up one’s confidence or self-esteem is of crucial importance. And many people depend on the way they style themselves while following fashion trends for maintaining high self-esteem and confidence.

For eyelashes, you are free to choose from several options: the curly eyelashes, the natural eyelashes or the bizarre eyelashes. Or you can try something else – no messy eyelash perm instead of eyelash extension.

8.Eyelash Perms

 curly eyelashes

If you prefer more natural-looking eyelashes

with low maintenance, then eyelash perm is what you need.

Since perming is usually used for long eyelashes, it won’t help those who have short eyelashes. So if you have longer eyelashes, try perming them. And if you have shorter eyelashes, then go for eyebrow extension instead. The result? You’ll transform the sparse lashes of yours into voluminous looking eyelashes.


9.Bonus: Some Tips For Having Beautiful False Eyelashes

 curly eyelashes

  • Choosing the right size

Many people forget trimming or cutting the false eyelashes which they purchase for fitting their natural width of a lash line.

And the more curved lash band you have, the easier fake eyelashes will be to apply. Eyelids are naturally curved so ensure that your fake eyelashes are the same.

  • Applying mascara before and after

This method will help in bonding your fake eyelashes to the natural ones which will create one beautiful lash line.

Try piping glue onto your hand or applying it onto a tip instead of applying it directly on your false eyelashes. By doing so, you’ll have more control over how much glue comes out as well as where it lands.

  • Having a lot of patience

Applying false eyelashes is no easy thing because it takes a skilled hand and a bit of luck. And if you use these tips, you’ll have much easier time applying them. Good Luck!








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